Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a month...

What a month... Been Mia due to sick kids all 3 went through different illnesses..which I caught..Then I deal with Migraines and this month was migraine mania..Also found out my oldest suffers from them she spent a week home in pain :(..I am hoping things will let up now and I can get back into blogging and such..But on a good note heres a neat product of mine I am spotlighting today..
                               ✬*•.¸¸☆¸¸.•*✬SPOTLIGHT ITEM✬*•.¸¸☆¸¸.•*✬
These are my Hair accent pins or Hair flair..Perfect for kids who hate clips or things in their hair..Slides in easily and gives you a pretty accent to any hair do.. These are on a bobby pin so can be worn different ways..Each come in sets and are fairy priced..Look like you spent hours on a detail that takes minutes!!
 Large Pink Flowers with pink gems on flower accent pin set $4.00~Dianna~

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