Friday, August 31, 2012

Icky little germs

Hello peeps..Been MIA was dealing with Isaac,then moving plan then I got sick..I am super sensitive to heat and stress lol..I get headaches very easy and my kind of headaches are really painful..I cannot function all I can do is sleep cause the pain is so unbearable and I get sick to my stomach from meds..I am feeling a little better so far this morning..Hoping when I go to get kids this afternoon the heat does not trigger another headache grr..well off to work a little while I am feeling good..Love and peace

Monday, August 27, 2012

NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!!

 Clear,black-clear,Teal,silver glass beads and pair of flip flops charm with smiley face,peace,sign,heart and flower on flip flops all on stretch cord (Bracelet) 
 Necklace Design by me all metal bent by me Red,black,and silver glass beads and Japanese Charm
 Necklace Pink glass beads,white and grey pearl glass beads with peace sign charm 18 in 
 Pink glass pearl beads,white and clack swavorski crystals and paw charm 
 Purple,and greyish black swavorski crystals white glass pearl beads and polymer clay purple flower (bracelet
Teal and white beads with decorative teal and white large beads on stretch cord (bracelet) 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

New path for Isaac

Well it has moved off us a little but still not out of the woods being close to the intense side of storm we will still get wind and rain..may only be a strong tropical storm but really it could change again before Monday eek

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well been quiet cause dealing with a little stress..if you have not heard Hurricane Isaac is on the path for Florida..tropical storms and hurricanes are so stressful..I cannot wait to move and be out of Florida many years of these and you never ever get used to it.. Here is a picture of latest track..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football Bracelets,earrings and necklaces ready for pre-order

So excited football charms arrived and the special order beaded football bracelets,necklaces and earrings in honor for your team are ready for you to order o be made..You can contact me at with colors. quantity and whether you want bracelet,earrings or necklace..Prices will be as follows bracelet-$4.00 Earrings $3.00 or necklace $7.00.. Hurry get your orders in Today!! Pictures of other orders below!
                                                  Michigan necklace
                                                          Michigan Earrings
                                                        Close-up of Michigan Necklace
                                                           Michigan Bracelet
                                                           New York Giants Bracelets
                                                  New York Giants Bracelets

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to school ..

My babies went back to school today..I miss them already..I enjoy having them around so much..I hope they have a wonderful first day back..My oldest just started High school so she was really nervous..My younger 2 are in 5th and 2nd..right now i am at a loss of what to do with myself lol..sure i will get in the swing of things lol..Just right now I am missing the noise and having them around....I need noise around me and some form of chaos to work smoother lol..Are you the same or do you need quiet?? Peace and Love xoxoxo

Friday, August 17, 2012

Whew I am beat!!

What a day...I ran with my head cut off all day today..took my kids to finish school shopping which seemed to take forever lol..Finally got home did laundry,cleaned up and knocked out some Halloween inspired stuff...Halloween seems to be the easiest holiday for me since I love love love it..I wish it was everyday lol..Well figured I would blog real fast before I chilled for the night..And of course give all my Junkies a glimpse into my new creations..peace and Love xoxoxo ~Dianna~

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holy Moley breathe..

Hello all..Whew this week has been so hectic for me..With my 3 kids starting school..And all the running for that..My daughter turned 15 yesterday..And looking at moving in next month..and of course still holding my little business together through it all..I feel like I am running with my head cut off..And gonna miss my kids when school starts :(..Hopefully next week will be less running and more working on new products and new sales for Tinkers..And I will feel less stressed!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do you jam while ya work?

Do you have music playing while you work? I have to I love music so its always on I have a work playlist which I change daily..I love music so much it is part of my work regimen..This is one of my songs I play while I am busy creating..

Friday, August 10, 2012

What a beautiful Day!!

Happy Friday August 10th..Today is incredibly special to me..It is my and my husbands 11 year anniversary..We have been together 17 years married 11 of them..I am so very lucky i married my best friend I could not see myself without him..We have 3 beautiful kids together..And each day gets better and better for us..We had our rocky moments but they only made our bond stronger..I still get butterflies when we kiss..I get excited when he is home for the day from work..So today I am walking on cloud nine..And I am feeling so blessed..Peace and love to all xoxoxoxo

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Been Crazy

Been MIA it has been so crazy for me this week..Kids school shopping,getting some things worked out for move,had a family visit,started some special orders for football bracelets, ran to store a million times,cleaned house..And Next week will be worse lmao Kids registration,My oldest turns 15 and we find out if we can proceed with move..Makes me sleepy thinking about it lol..well would write more but boy am I sleepy..Night all xoxoxo Peace and Love

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Are you ready for some football? Show your team spirit with your own team colors and silver football bracelet or necklace..Taking orders now before supplies run out..Email me with Team colors and Necklace or bracelet..and amount of each..Prices are as follows- Bracelet-$4.00 Necklace-$7.00 ..These will be gone fast and will be shipped second week of Sept ..Hurry Email me at PASS IT ON!!!

Happy Happy Sunday!!

Woke up this morning in a happy mood..Ready to go and have a wonderful bright day..I love wake up days like this makes it so nice..So I woke up got some promotions ready for today..Made a really beautiful necklace..But now my hands hurt lol..So what does your Sunday have in store for you today??
If ya get bored here are some promos to check out-
Facebook-BOGOF (same or Lesser value)-
Store-25% off entire order with code Tinker-
Oh and heres the necklace I am so proud of what do you think??

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What would my Junkies like as special for Sunday??

Okay what would my Junkies like o see as Sundays promotions-
Facebook- Deal or No deal-20% off-clearance-or Buy one get on free...
In store- 25% off or 50% off

I am really needing feedback on this..I know the store is a small and easy decision lol ..any feedback loved!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hello sorry have not blogged in a hot was so busy working on my launch of my website and a auction on facebbok I barely had time to think lmao..But I am so excited my website is finished!! YEAH!! Now there is one spot that links you all to Tinkers Magical Junk Trunk!! So worth all the work!! Check i out if ya like...