Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football Bracelets,earrings and necklaces ready for pre-order

So excited football charms arrived and the special order beaded football bracelets,necklaces and earrings in honor for your team are ready for you to order o be made..You can contact me at Tinkersmagicaljunktrunk@gmail.com with colors. quantity and whether you want bracelet,earrings or necklace..Prices will be as follows bracelet-$4.00 Earrings $3.00 or necklace $7.00.. Hurry get your orders in Today!! Pictures of other orders below!
                                                  Michigan necklace
                                                          Michigan Earrings
                                                        Close-up of Michigan Necklace
                                                           Michigan Bracelet
                                                           New York Giants Bracelets
                                                  New York Giants Bracelets


  1. Im looking for some bracelets for my varsity stat girls. How long would it take to get 5, black and red with a football and if you have a "2012" also that would be even better?

    1. Hey Hun I am so sorry I missed this are you still interested..I have no 2012 sorry but 5 bracelets would take me 3 days tops..Let me know asap if still interested again so sorry just moved and was swamped with moving details <3Dianna<3